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If your organization is looking for a better approach to governance, strategic planning,

or government relations, TN Governance and Strategy will review and analyze your current

processes and performance, to develop a gap analysis and then work with you to develop 

options to implement improvements and best practices going forward.

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Start with an assessment of your board governance to determine the strengths and areas for improvement. Some key areas for review and assessment include the following:

  • Board Policy

  • Director recruitment and orientation

  • Board and CEO assessment process

  • Board competency and skills matrix

  • Board involvement in strategic planning

  • Committee structure, terms of reference, workplans

  • Board oversight of, and relationship with the CEO and senior management

  • Board training and development

  • Board remuneration

Strategic Planning

It is important to know where your organization currently stands and where it intends to go. Ensuring that your vision, mission and values are consistent with the purpose and strategy you have identified for the organization is the first step.  It all begins with a review of your current principles, strategy and the planning process in place.

Strategic plan development starts with an analysis of the Strengths and Weaknesses (internal), Opportunities and Threats (external) and an Environmental Scan of the organization and its environment which includes a review of the competition and key risks facing the organization.  A strategic plan that is well communicated to the organization and understood by employees will be much easier to execute and achieve.

Performance measures need to be in place otherwise how will you know if the organization has achieved what it set out to do? 

A balanced scorecard approach can help to ensure that the key pillars of your organization are represented in what you do and that you are working towards your goals.  Having a repeatable strategic planning process ensures consistency of effort in working towards the desired vision, purpose and outcomes over the time horizon identified by your organization.

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Government Relations
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Whether you are a for profit or not for profit, chances are working with government and nurturing those relationships will be key for your organization going forward. Having consistent messaging and approach will go a long way in building the trust required.  Below are several questions that TN Governance and Strategy can help you answer that will guide your organization down the right path.

  • Does your organization have a plan in place in how it will approach and interact with government and regulators?

  • Who are the key government contacts that you need to interact with that can help your organization?

  • What are the timelines and the government cycles to keep in mind?

  • Are your board members/senior management/employees all pulling in the same direction?

  • Does your organization have a consistent script/speaking notes that everyone is working from?

  • What is the ask of government and is it consistent from all levels?

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If you are interested in discussing any of the aforementioned areas or any other organizational issues please contact Taras Nohas at

TN Governance and Strategy via phone or email. 

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